Training Providers in the Philippines: Inspirational Speakers PH

Inspirational Speakers PH is one of the best training providers in the Philippines — we provide seminars, workshops, and other program formats for all industries.

Our services enable organizations to recognize their full potential by tapping into the strengths of participants and resolving concerns through a dynamic learning journey.

Get invaluable advantages for you and your people through customizable solutions from the best training providers in the Philippines — assess problems, apply effective solutions, and bolster your team’s capabilities with Inspirational Speakers PH.

Who we are

Our pool of seasoned industry experts, thought leaders, and motivational speakers are highly reputable and deliver impactful lessons. Here is a quick look at the top training providers in the Philippines, and what they have to offer:


Jayson Lo

Entrepreneur, author, and keynote speaker with over 2000+ successfully delivered talks, who promotes positive life changes for his audience.


Sean Si

Well-known motivational speaker in the Philippines, CEO, and founder of several successful businesses, and certified John Maxwell team member, and certified Reiss Profile Master.


Carlo Ople

Thought leader and industry resource in the Philippine digital market, with over 14 years of experience regarding all issues on technology and gadgets.


Chinkee Tan

Known as "Mr. Chink Positive,” he is a motivational speaker with expertise on the right mindset, education, and opportunities needed to better personal finances.


Marvin Germo

One of the most outspoken, passionate, and well-regarded educators on finance, stock trading, entrepreneurship, and investment in the Philippines.


Randell Tiongson

A respected financial coach that uses his decades of experience in the Philippines’ Financial Service industry to impart financial wisdom in his public speaking.


Paulo Tibig

A business and leadership expert who has delivered thousands of educational and experiential talks, to pass on valuable knowledge and principles.


Francis Kong

Awarded business speaker, advisor, and author, with extensive accolades for his contributions and successes within the Philippines business industry.


Anthony Pangilinan

A highly sought-after training provider, captivating audiences with his charismatic and influential speaking style while empowering individuals and organizations to unlock their full potential through practical insights and transformative learning experiences.

With our varied areas of expertise, we can cover various subject matters to help organizations and individuals improve competencies, skills, and competitive edge. Our comprehensive skill set and services are what make us the premier training provider in the Philippines.

Our Mission and Vision

Our mission as a training provider in the Philippines is to provide innovative learning and practical development solutions for our clients. To achieve this, we deliver a variety of training programs to meet their needs. To ensure objectives are achieved regardless of location, our services are delivered in several modes — face-to-face, blended, as well as through online platforms.

Our vision is to pass on valuable and practical skills, knowledge, and solutions to our clients. We seek to deliver inspirational lessons that cater to the specific needs of our clients, as well as provide a transformational experience for all participants — leading to their organizational and individual success.

Why we choose to be training providers in the Philippines

We are not satisfied with simply being experts in our chosen fields. Knowing that we have the character, the content, and the competency to teach others, we decided to create Inspirational Speakers PH.

We choose to create opportunities that enable the next generation of professionals and leaders to continue on their professional journey. We find joy in knowing that we catalyze their development.

It is through the programs that we reach our audience by sharing experiences, insights, and lessons that resonate with them. We move beyond theory and focus on imparting real-world lessons.

Our careful attention to how we impart knowledge and how we connect to our audience makes us one of the leading training providers in the Philippines.

Interested in booking a training event? Contact us today and receive our world-class training event or seminars delivered by the top professionals in the country!