Business Development Workshop by Inspirational Speakers PH

More and more people are looking for a business development workshop for a good reason: attending the workshop can impart you the knowledge and qualities to become a successful business leader. A business development workshop’s mission is to train leaders on how to reach long-term organizational goals.

The business industry has never been more competitive. To make sure your company stays ahead in the market, you need to take a targeted and proactive approach to development. Be able to analyze your organizational challenges, define your business model, and find strategic solutions for your entire team by attending a business development workshop from Inspirational Speakers PH! We are a company with a passion to inspire professional excellence through programs, speaking engagements, consultancy services, conferences, and workshops.

Learning Outcomes

Covering a wide range of business topics, choosing to attend Inspirational Speakers PH’s business development workshop will provide you with key information and useful tips for growth and profitability. Guided by our trainers with decades of real-life business experience, our business development workshop will equip you with knowledge and skills in the following facets:

  • Effective sales and marketing

  • Customer relationship management

  • Business expansion

  • Profitability

  • Strategic partnerships/networking

Each of the programs in our business development workshop is specially crafted to increase organizational productivity and profitability. Upon the completion of our business development workshop, attendants will be able to:


Set coherent business development goals


Understand global business environments


Improve selling, negotiation, and marketing skills


Learn how to close deals better


Become an excellent project manager


Build valuable client networks and partnerships

What A Business Development Workshop Can Do for You

Business development involves producing initiatives to create long-term value for an organization from relationships, markets, and customers. Depending on your specific industry, the opportunities for business growth will vary. Growth can come from enhancing customer relationships, or it may come from increasing sales. But the end mission of business development remains the same: to grow an organization.

When you attend a business development workshop, you will have valuable insights on a wide array of business topics — from marketing, sales, networking, project management, to competitive analysis.

Why Choose Inspirational Speakers PH for Your Business Development Workshop

When it comes to planning and executing high-quality and effective business development workshops, our team at Inspirational Speakers PH is the right choice. We have curated comprehensive programs to help attendees bring immediate value to their organizations.

At Inspirational Speakers PH, our team is composed of experts in their respective fields. Each one will draw on their decades of experience to provide you with customized business development solutions. If you have any queries, our professional advisors can point you in the right direction. Here are some of the business development coaches from Inspirational Speakers PH:

  • Jayson Lo
  • Sean Si
  • Carlo Ople
  • Chinkee Tan
  • Marvin Germo
  • Randell Tiongson
  • Paulo Tibig
  • Francis Kong
  • Anthony Pangilinan

Enhance your competencies and grow your business in the right direction! Interested in bringing these advantages to your organization? Contact Inspirational Speakers PH today. Set an appointment for our business development workshop!