Who is Anthony Pangilinan

Anthony Pangilinan is a multi-talented individual who is recognized as an inspirational speaker, leadership consultant, and TV and radio host in the Philippines. Drawing from his extensive expertise in personal development, team building, and organizational transformation, Anthony has cultivated a reputation as a highly sought-after figure in the speaking industry.

As the founder and CEO of the Anthony Pangilinan Group, he has established a platform that brings together a team of experts specializing in motivational speaking, leadership development, and strategic consulting. Through the group, Anthony and his team have impacted numerous individuals and organizations, helping them reach new heights of success. The Anthony Pangilinan Group is dedicated to empowering individuals and companies to unlock their potential, foster growth, and create positive change.

With his dynamic and engaging approach, Anthony captivates audiences, leaving a lasting impact and helping them unlock their full potential. His passion for making a positive difference in people's lives has earned him recognition as a leading authority in personal and professional development.

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